Kids parties, wine or no wine?

So, my youngest Daughter is turning three tomorrow and we are havingĀ a tea party at the weekend with a few friends from pre-school. How lovely I hear you say, and yes, I would agree although I only know a couple of the parents coming and I would usually (without hesitation) crack open a bottle of wine. This is fine when surrounded by people who know you, warts n’ all, but what about the people who you have merely run past in the pre-school car park, elbows out, desperately trying to throw child – like a rugby ball – into the capable hands of the award deserving pre-school staff before anyone else can? Desperately trying to avoid eye contact and conversation in theĀ hope that, for once, you will get to work on time (one can hope).

Here’s the dilemma, a glass of wine or beer will help those parents that don’t yet know each other to get to know one another. It will also help to demonstrate that, actually you are a nice person, not just a crazed mad women who likes to throw her children! On the other hand, the majority of parents will be driving I suspect, and encouraging parents to drink and drive their little darlings home probably isn’t the most sensible way to ‘make friends’!

I’m sure if I asked my children they would probably say Yes Mummy, open the wine! As they know that the games will be more fun, they will get to eat twice the amount of jelly and ice cream and the party will probably go on for a lot longer!